• Tyler Perry Interview: Taking Boo 2 From R to PG-13

    Tyler Perry Interview: Taking Boo 2 From R to PG-13

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  • 'The Foreigner's' Rory Fleck Byrne Takes On Jackie Chan

    'The Foreigner's' Rory Fleck Byrne Takes On Jackie Chan

  • Mariana Treviño and Christopher Von Uckermann Offer Love Advice

    Mariana Treviño and Christopher Von Uckermann Offer Love Advice

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  • Jackie Chan: 'I Want To Be An Actor'

    Jackie Chan: 'I Want To Be An Actor'

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The Emoji Movie: The Aftermath

2017 has seen one more film added to the list of perplexing creations. Based on the cultural phenomenon formed by a humble social app, The Emoji Movie had great potential, if handled with original vision and wit. The plot is set in the city of Textopolis, where Gene, a multi-expressional emoji, heads out to become as normal as other emojis and their single expressions. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm that went into its development, such as casting award-winners James Corden (Into the Woods, 2014) and Ilana Glazer (Broad City, 2014-2018), as well as T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley, 2014-2017) and Anna Faris (I Give It a Year, 2013), was not enough to impress its more demanding audiences. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes pointed out, among other things, a weakness in taste, plot and purpose, apart from it being little more than a promotional tool. Even though the $179,535,817 global box office likely soothed Sony Pictures Animation’s wounded pride, the fact remains that this flop may have damaged any dreams of future productions of this kind.

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New Trailer and Movie Poster: Miles Teller, Josh Brolin, Taylor Kitsch In Only The Brave

Only the Brave Miles Teller Josh Brolin

There's been plenty of movies about firefighters such as BACKDRAFT, LADDER 49, THE TOWERING INFERNO and countless others, but they've mostly been fictional. ONLY THE BRAVE, starring Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Taylor Kitsch, Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Connelly, tells the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and their heroic acts. Watch the new trailer.

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When Hollywood Remakes Go Wrong

Mark Wahlberg in The Gambler

It’s often an unwritten rule that the originals are always better than the remakes. This seems to apply not just with music but with movies too. We’ve seen it many times where an old film gets remade to bring it into the modern era, only for it to fall flat on its face. Some people often question the reasoning behind trying to reinvent a classic, as why should anyone try and fix something that isn’t broken?

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Activist Dolores Huerta And Dolores Director Peter Bratt Talk New Documentary

Dolores Huerta Peter Bratt Dolores Documentary

Dolores Huerta along with Cesar Chavez fought to unionize farm workers, and she did it as a mother of 11. A new documentary, DOLORES, directed by Peter Bratt and produced by Carlos Santana, retells history from her point of view as a woman struggling against the biased norms that women should stay home with the children. CineMovie spoke to the iconic figure and DOLORES director Peter Bratt about the documentary and how it relates today in the age of Trump.

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The First Snow of Winter Brings Mystery to Town in Suspense Thriller 'The Snowman'

Michael Fassbender in The Snowman 

If you're one who likes your movies well-categorized, you can file The Snowman under crime/thriller/drama/British/Norwegian/mystery/murder.  It’s probably not a genre list you consider every day, but there's no denying it stirs up curiosity.  To put it another way, if your normal movie watching habits tend towards slapstick hilarity and crazy adventures in the style of The Hangover, then you better brace yourself for the suspense of this film.

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The Handmaid’s Tale First Streaming Series To Win An Emmy For Outstanding Drama Series

Elizabeth Moss in The Handmaid's Tale

Hulu becomes the first streaming service in history to take home outstanding drama series at 69th Annual Primetime Emmy® Awards with their original series THE HANDMAID’S TALE. The show took home eight Emmys on Sunday’s award show including the first ever Emmy for an Outstanding Drama Series from a streaming service.   

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