Make-Up Tips To Looking Like A Sexy TWILIGHT Vampiro Under 5 Minutes (Video)

Mia Maestro and Cristian Carmargo return in Breaking Dawn Part 2 for the last installment of the Twilight Saga as part of the Denali clan helping the Cullens fight off the dreaded Volturi. For any Latino Twi-hards out there looking to get Mia Maestro's vampire look, leading Hispanic makeup artist and brow specialist, Marco Ochoa walks us through a few quick steps to looking like a sexy vamp under 5 minutes.

Mia Maestro as Carmen in TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2· Tip #1
Contouring is a very important step when creating a vampire look. It allows you to accentuate certain features such as temples and cheekbones. It is also very important to build color when contouring, never apply too much at once.

· Tip #2
When creating a smokey eye for a vampire look, go for tones such as dark plum, maroon, grey, or black.  Remember that blending is key to a flawless smoky eye effect.

· Tip #3
Brows are very important when creating a vampire look. You can change the expression or character of your vampire simply by the way you choose to define your brows. Go for a dark brown or raven color when filling in brows.

·  Tip #4
Burgundy, plum, and berry color stains are all in for this season. Pick any of these when trying to go for that dark vampy look.

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