1988's 'Croupier:' Maybe the Best Casino Movie?

Croupier movie

There are not many of us who do not enjoy watching a great movie whether it's at our local cinema or at home. We involve ourselves and become attached to the characters following their ups and downs and for a time we are lost in the plot.

In fact, movies are an important part of our culture and can even affect public opinion and from the early days, casinos and gambler’s lifestyles have given rise to some truly iconic movies with many of them giving an accurate representation of the gambling world, the thrill, the ups and downs, and of course that casino action.

Casino-based movies have also influenced games developers which means that you can also try your luck at an online casino like FruityKing.co.uk which is home to many iconic movie-themed games of all genres, a great way of enjoying those favorite moments again enhanced with authentic movie clips and music.

So, with so many great casino movies on offer, it’s pretty difficult to choose just one to talk about, but CROUPIER offers so much talent and action that it was decided that this brilliant movie, directed by Mike Hodges is well worth a closer look.

Movie Info:-

The main character is Jack Manfred who is played by Clive Owen, a would be writer who takes a job as a croupier in order to make ends meet. Jack is one of those people that observes others and knows all too well that gamblers are destined, in the end, and that in fact, the whole of life is a gamble, but with a building inevitability he too gets slowly sucked into the world of the casino that has a profound effect on both the novel he is trying to write and his relationships.

CROUPIER was released on April 21st 1998 and had a Gross Box Office revenue of $6.2 million (US) - The movie runs for 1h 31m.

Directed by MIke Hodges and produced by Jonathan Cavendish and Christine Ruppert - the writer is Paul Mayersberg.

The beauty of CROUPIER is that it is a firm reminder that good writing produces movies that don’t have to wave their arms and be right in your face in order to hold our attention., and Clive Owens talent steals the show. The movie is tough and intelligent with gripping, persuasive, and at times unsettling moments that really do engage the audience.

Well researched, CROUPIER is an excellent British noir film that lies somewhere between a thriller and a drama. It might not appeal to you if you are into action movies, since it watches more like a mystery keeping you wondering about how things are going to work out, and the voice over works exceptionally well.

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