London Has Fallen: How To Save the President from Mexican Gueys

London Has Fallen Mexican Gueys


Gerard Butler returns as Mike Banning, a secret service agent protecting President Asher played by Aaron Eckhart in LONDON HAS FALLEN, a follow-up to OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN. CineMovie had a little fun with secret service expert Hermann Binek with 13+ years of experience in personal protective security. Along with social media influencers Mexican Gueys, Binek demonstrates evasion and self-defense tactics used in three assassination attempts he stopped throughout his career.

To keep the session light-hearted, the Mexican Gueys participate in the demonstration as the President and assailant. Watch as Binek walks us through moves commonly used by secret service and protective security around the world, and in the new movie LONDON HAS FALLEN.

LONDON HAS FALLEN is in movie theaters March 4.

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