Mel Brooks and Son Max Brooks' Funny Stay At Home PSA

Max and Mel Brooks Viral PSA

Hollywood legend Mel Brooks is a national treasure so the 93-year-old must be protected at any cost from the coronavirus. The filmmaker of such classics as BLAZING SADDLES, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, SPACEBALLS and too many others to name took to Twitter with his son Max for a funny PSA about the importance of not spreading COVID-19 through social distancing. Watch!

In the viral video campaign #DontBeASpreader, Max Brooks stands outside his father's home while dad Brooks looks on behind a glass window as Max explains how the coronavirus could possibly take out the elder community like his father. He lists the things people should be doing at this time. If not, the consequences could be catastrophic to iconic comedians like Carl Reiner and Dick Van Dyke Max jokes in the video. God forbid those legends are taken away from us sooner than expected so take heed to what the health experts are saying during this crisis. 

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