The Movie Franchise Reboots That Paid Off - And The Ones That Didn’t

Jurassic Park 

Beyond the standard model of sequels, the reboot of classic titles has dominated the agenda in the world of cinema since the turn of the century. Today, there are few big-name films from the 80, 90s and even 00s that haven’t been rebooted - or at least mooted.


The Reboot Gamble

Rebooting a classic film can be a major gamble. If the original was a big hit, as they often are, then the stakes are high as there’s a legacy to respect. And studio heads pondering a reboot will make calculations, and study the probabilities, the same way a top poker player might.

Most prefer to do their betting in a casino, but it seems many studio heads are much happier, instead, gambling with the legacy of some of their favorite titles. And much like at the roulette wheel, the margin between success and failure can be fine. The cast, the storyline and the production have to be perfect to satisfy the demand of long-standing followers of the franchise, while the balance between offering something new and staying faithful can be difficult to strike. And just like in a game of blackjack, the decision to stick with what you know or twist for something new can be crucial. In movie terms, sticking can help placate loyal fans, but you risk leaving cinema-goers feeling short-changed if you’re offering them something that isn’t too far removed from what they’ve already seen.


Batman Begins - Hit

Batman’s first big-screen outing came in 1943 and the title has been revisited on numerous occasions since then, with varying degrees of success. This 2005 release helped take the series into a darker direction that made it a hit with fans and critics alike.

Around the World in 80 days - Miss

The 2004 remake of the classic adventure novel was a flop with critics. Reviewers criticized the picture for having little to no resemblance to the original story, while its box office performance was exceptionally poor, making it one of the most expensive flops in recent history.


Jurassic World - Hit

A cult classic of 90s cinema, many were concerned when it was announced that the definitive dinosaur flick was set to be remade. But those fears proved to be unfounded. The 2015 remake has helped broaden the franchises's legacy to the extent that it spawned all manner of media spin-offs, which even includes its own themed slot game. Many prefer Betway for its casino bonus as a destination to play it with generous deposit matches for slots.


Alice Through The Looking Glass - Miss

This 2016 release attempted to capture the mystery, charm and magic of the original story written by Lewis Carroll. But while previous animated efforts by Disney have become classics, this live-action effort, starring Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway, didn’t fare so well on the big screen.


Beauty and the Beast - Hit

One of the big catalysts behind the recent trend for reboots, not all of Disney’s recent efforts have been duds. Their reboot of animated classic Beauty and The Beast provided the platform for Emma Watson produce an enchanting performance that helped enhance the title’s already weighty legacy.

So next time you hear upon hearing your favorite classic is getting a reboot, exert a groan lightly - while many have fallen by the wayside, others have hit the jackpot.

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