Top Four Latino Movies Perfect For Halloween

In fact, it has long since been a tradition with many to get into the groove of things by watching the scariest movie, which then sets the tone for the entire evening. Over the years, Latino filmmakers have been prolific at creating truly great horror movies which are perfect for Halloween. Read on to discover our top four Latino films which are ideal watches for the run up to October 31st.


CRONOS is a horror movie written and directed by the multiple award-winning Guillermo del Toro. It tells the story of how an antique dealer, played by Federico Luppi, stumbles upon a 400-year-old scarab known as Cronos. Jesus, the antique dealer, becomes immortal when the scarab latches onto him, but things aren’t all as they seem. The scarab has a thirst for blood too, while Angel, the nephew of a dying man, has set out to reclaim the Cronos, to keep his Uncle alive. Jesus won’t give up the scarab and its benefits easily, putting lives at risk. 



THE OTHERS is a film written and directed by Alejandro Amenabar and starring Nicole Kidman. The latter takes on the role of Grace, who is the devoutly religious mother of two children, Anne and Nicholas. During World War II, Grace and her family move to the coast of England, while she awaits word on her missing husband’s fate. During this time, Grace is also out to protect her children from a photosensitivity disease which sees the sun make them unwell. During the movie, Anne claims that she has seen ghosts, and while at first her claims are dismissed, it’s then that there’s a belief something supernatural has happened.



CHRONICLES OF THE RAVEN is an Argentinian movie which also goes by the name of Jennifer’s Shadow. The film, which stars Gina Philips as Jennifer, explores how Jennifer will combat the evil curse which has been put on her by her own grandmother. The curse acts like an illness, causing its victims to waste away over time. Jennifer begins to show physical signs that the disease is affecting her, while also suffering from a recurring nightmare which sees a raven eat away at her body. Jennifer must find a way to stop her grandmother, before it’s too late, or the entire family could meet a grim fate.



AT MIDNIGHT I’LL TAKE YOUR SOUL was Brazil’s first horror movie, and it’s still seen as one of the finest over 50 years later. The film stars Coffin Joe from the famous Coffin Joe Trilogy and it sees him take on the role of an evil undertaker. The undertaker’s wife cannot have children, which is not acceptable to Joe who believes in the continuity of blood. So, he sets about trying to find the woman who can bear him the perfect child. People are then found murdered in the local area, and Joe is accused of involvement, while he goes on to discover that a witch’s prophecy he dismissed, may actually be true.

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