When Hollywood Remakes Go Wrong

Not every Hollywood remake has been a disaster though. Ocean’s Eleven, a film themed on gambling is a prime example of how good a reboot can be when everything is done properly. The 2001 remake of the 1960 original is one of the most popular films ever to grace the big screen, starring big names such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. For every Ocean’s Eleven, a great remake in its own right, there are ones that failed to deliver…

The Gambler

The 1974 version of The Gambler was well received. It involved Axel Freed being a gambling addict as well as a college professor. Despite everything, he keeps on spinning the roulette wheel even though his debts are mounting up and fast. It leaves him in a precarious situation where his life is in serious danger.

The original version of the film showed the true dangers of being a compulsive gambler and everything that comes with it. The 2014 remake was just seen as a poor take on what was a 1970s classic. Although Mark Wahlberg’s acting is up to scratch, the dialogue and the characters and the situations that they find themselves in are at times completely absurd.

The Karate Kid

Most people will have seen the original Karate Kid movie at one time or another. It tells the story of a martial arts master who teaches Daniel, a kid being heavily bullied, how to do karate. It’s probably one of the most watched family films of all time, with the 1984 version being extremely well received.

2010 saw The Karate Kid remake released starring much loved actor and martial arts expert Jackie Chan, alongside Will Smith’s son, Jaden. It followed the original storyline but there was a lot for fans of the original to be disappointed about. One major factor was that there was the lack of actual karate, with more kung-fu than anything on display. Also, many questioned the screen chemistry between Chan and Smith as in the original, the chemistry between Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita was evident for all to see.

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans is a great action and adventure film suitable for the family audience. It sees Perseus, the son of Zeus, hop off on various quests which see him battle both the Kraken and Medusa. The original 1981 version of the film which starred the likes of Laurence Olivier and Harry Hamlin was a box office hit, grossing over $40 million in the USA.

The 2010 remake relied more on what CGI could bring to the table than anything. For many it seemed the great storyline that really made the original what it was had been forgotten and replaced with numerous action scenes that didn’t seem to actually go along with the story.

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