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CineMovie's own Pili Montilla appears in the new indie flick 200 CARTAS. Take a look at the romantic comedy starring Mexico's funny man Jaime Camil and a cameo by the legendary Iris Chacon.

200-Cartas-movie-posterRaul (Lin Manuel Miranda) is a struggling Nuyorican comic book artist and hopeless romantic who hasn't had much luck with love, but all that is about to change when he meets María Sánchez, a beautiful Puerto Rican tourist in a NYC night club. A fight breaks out and the would be new couple lose each other amongst the chaos. Bewitched by her beauty, Raul can't stop thinking about Maria and decides to take a trip to Puerto Rico along with his womanizing best friend Juan (Jaime Camil) to find what he believes is his true love. Upon arrival, he discovers that there are 200 Maria Sanchez's on the island and decides to write a love letter and mails it to all 200 of them. He travels the beautiful island picking up new friends along the way (Dayanara Torres), in search for his "Maria." Will Raul find what he was looking for?

Directed by Bruno Irizarry, 200 CARTAS stars Lin Manuel Miranda, Dayanara Torres, Jaime Camil, Monica Steuer, Mayra Matos with a special appearance by Iris Chacon.

200 CARTAS opens in New York City June 14 at the AMC Empire and the AMC Baybridge in the Bronx.

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