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5 Things To Know About 'Bumblebee: The Movie'

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Bumblebee Movie Hailee Steinfeld

The TRANSFORMERS prequel starring Bumblebee and Hailee Steinfeld is now in post-production, and recently Paramount Pictures released an image of Bumblebee as a VW bug and the human star. Besides the new still from the BUMBLEBEE, here are five other things to know about the Autobot spin-off.

The Plot

Paramount Pictures released an official synopsis for the BUMBLEBEE movie opening December 21, along with the image. The prequel will be set in the year 1987 in a small California beach town. 

On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken.  When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug

Movies and television projects set in the 80s have had commercial and critical success lately, so perhaps this latest TRANSFORMERS outing will actually be good with a great selection of classic songs to choose from that time period.


Michael Bay Not Directing

Michael Bay has finally handed off directing duties, but he's still executive producer on the film. Hopefully director Travis Knight (KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS, CORALINE) can bring a refreshing take on the tired and formulaic franchise. This is Knight's first live action project after making his directorial debut with Laika Entertainment's animated feature KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS. The animator turned director is the current president and CEO of Laika. It will be interesting to see how someone with an animation expertise will translate into a live action setting.

In an interview with Empire Online, Knight revealed the tone for the new TRANSFORMERS movie.

"I wanted to approach this massive, expansive franchise and really focus in on a tiny corner of the canvas," Knight told Empire Online. "Everything I’ve tried to do at Laika, searching for an artful blend of darkness and light, intensity and warmth, humour and heart, I wanted to bring to the Transformers franchise." 

Optimus Prime Confirmed For Movie

During an interview with the voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen confirmed to CineMovie that he will be part of the movie. He didn't say to what extent but knowing he's involved is brownie points for the movie.  Watch the interview below.

John Cena = Bad Guy Agent

Steinfeld's costars include John Cena as Burns, a Sector 7 agent, (“DADDY’S HOME 2,” “TRAINWRECK”),  Pamela Adlon (“BETTER THINGS,””LOUIE”) as Steinfeld's mother,  Stephen Schneider (Comedy Central’s “BROAD CITY”), Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (“SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING”), Jason Drucker (“DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LONG HAUL”), Kenneth Choi (“AMERICAN CRIME STORY”), Ricardo Hoyos (“DEGRASSI: NEXT CLASS”), Abby Quinn (“LANDLINE,” “THE SISTERHOOD OF THE NIGHT”), Rachel Crow (“DEIDRA & LANEY ROB A TRAIN”), and Grace Dzienny (“ZOO”).

We recently spoke to John Cena for his title role as the voice of FERDINAND, and we asked the WWE wrestler turned actor about his role as the antagonist and the different approach for this franchise movie.

"I really believe the fans of the franchise are going to enjoy what's been done with it, and I think it's going to attract a lot of new folks to be excited for that movie."

John Cena also told CineMovie the Transformers animated series was one of his favorites as a child. You can listen to that soundbite at around the 3:20 mark below.

Not A Big Robot Movie

Empire Magazine revealed BUMBLEBEE: THE MOVIE will not be like the other movies with tons of different robots. Hopefully that included the annoying ones with cheesy one-liners. Instead the prequel will focus primarily on Bumblebee. If that's the case, the story takes center stage if the robot action will be secondary.  That will be a welcome relief for some critics but not so much the fans. Either way, who is not excited for Bumblebee to shine in his own movie.

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