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New Movie Poster and Trailer: Meet Ariana DeBose's Voodoo Priestess in 'Kraven the Hunter'

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 Ariana Debose in Kraven the Hunter

Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars in the origin story for Spider-Man's most iconic nemesis, Kraven the Hunter, and we're meeting his future partner/love interest with Academy Award winner Ariana DeBose (IN THE HEIGHTS) as the voodoo priestess, Calypso. The R-rated film earns its rating with some very violent action in the new trailer. Watch the new preview.

Marvel comics Calypso character has various iterations. She's Kraven's partner and future love interest who battle Spider-Man together. On the TV's Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Calypso is a scientist Dr. Mariah Crawford is engaged to Sergei before the serum transforms him into the Kraven. In the series' she partners with Spider-Man and Kraven in the Webslinger's adventures.

Calyso's powers include the use of magic potions, voodoo drums, and charms for mind control, resurrection, and poisons.

Russell Crowe also stars as Kraven's father and Alessandro Nivola is "The Rhino," another Spider-Man villain.

KRAVEN THE HUNTER opens in movie theaters on October 6.

Kraven the Hunter movie poster starring Aaron Taylor Johnson


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