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New Poster: 'Firebrand' Starring Alicia Vikander and Jude Law

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Jude Law and Alicia Vikander Firebrand Photo Credit Larry Horricks

Jude Law and Alicia Vikander star as the tyrannical King Henry VIII and his sixth wife Katherine Parr in FIREBRAND. A new poster with the leads dropped for the June 14 release which also stars Eddie Marsan, Simon Russell Beale, Sam Riley, and Erin Doherty.

Jude Law and Alicia Vikander Firebrand poster

Official Synopsis
In blood-soaked Tudor England, twice married, accomplished, and educated Katherine Parr (Vikander), reluctantly agrees to become the sixth wife of the tyrannical King Henry VIII (Law). Her consent to marry him carries great personal risk, given that her predecessors are either vanquished, beheaded, or dead. When Henry appoints her as Regent, the nation’s ruler during his absence when he departs to fight overseas, he lays a dangerous path for her. Henry’s courtiers, suspecting she’s sympathetic to radical Protestant beliefs that have taken root in the kingdom and are a threat to their power, scheme against her and cast doubts upon her fidelity to the increasingly ailing and paranoid King. Once Henry returns to England, his courtiers convince him to turn his fury on the nation’s radicals, including Katherine’s childhood friend Anne Askew, who becomes one of the scores of people convicted of treason and burned at the stake. Horrified and privately grieving, Katherine finds herself under ever-increasing scrutiny and suspicion. Knowing that even a whisper of scandal might lead to her downfall, Katherine must unleash her own scheme to fight for survival.

Runtime: 120 Minutes

Directed by Karim Aïnouz
Written by Jessica Ashworth & Henrietta Ashworth 
Additional Writing by Rosanne Flynn
Produced by Gabrielle Tana, Carolyn Marks Blackwood

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