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Guillermo del Toro Announces PACIFIC RIM Sequel in Video Message

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In a video message, director Guillermo del Toro made a surprising announcement. His Kaiju's will be making a encore performance in PACIFIC RIM 2. Although PACIFIC RIM didn't do blockbuster business, the fighting robots will return for more on April 7th, 2017. He's also brining an animated series based on the movie. Watch his announcement.

Legendary's PACIFIC RIM took in $411,002,906 worldwide and it wasn't a runaway hit but regardless Guillermo del Toro and Legendary Pictures will be making a sequel.

Guillermo recorded the video message as he wraps up his next film, "Crimson Peak" also starring PACIFIC RIM actor Charlie Hunnam. In addition to the live action sequel in 2017, he's planning an animated series based on the PACIFIC RIM universe.

While we enjoyed PACIFIC RIM, it could've been better than it was so now del Toro has a second shot at creating a more kick ass sequel. 

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