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INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED New Movie Poster & Trailer: Eugenio Derbez Directs & Stars

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Eugenio Derbez makes his feature film debut as a director in INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED about a playboy coming to terms with being a single father. Watch the new Spanish trailer.

Instructions_Not_Included_Eugenio_Derbez_movie_posterIn INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED, Derbez plays Valentín, a perfect name for a man who thinks himself a Valentino with the ladies. A past fling results in a baby which is abandoned by her mother. Valentín grudgingly must take responsibility as a father, but Valentín and Maggie form a bond through the years that is disrupted when mom shows up wanting her kid back.  INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED opens August 30, 2013.

The Mexican born actor and comedian may be new to feature film directing but he's been directing episodes for his Mexican television series. Derbez has had roles in Hollywood films such as in Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill, Girl in Progress with Eva Mendes  and the television series Rob created by Rob Schneider.

Official Movie Synopsis:
Valentín (Eugenio Derbez), a ladies’ man and hopeless bachelor, receives an unexpected visit from a former lover whom he vaguely remembers. Tricking him, she leaves a souvenir that is more than he can bargain for.

Barely able to hold his own, Valentín tries to rid himself of the souvenir, a nine month old baby girl, in every possible way. The selfish lifestyle he has led has made him fear commitment to anyone and anything, including fatherhood. After many unsuccessful attempts to rid himself of Maggie he finally decides to go to Los Angeles to find her mother and return her.

During his time in Los Angeles, Valentín finds himself jumping from a hotel balcony into the pool to safe Maggie’s life. He realizes that deep down; he has growing feelings for the girl. In addition, that jump gets Valentín discovered by a stunt coordinator and is offered to work as a stuntman, earning more money than he could have imagined. From then on, the father/daughter relationship starts develop naturally and spontaneously.

Valentin begins to discover a kind love that he has never experienced before - unconditional, faithful, selfless and mutual. He discovers fatherhood and commitment unaware that the path of life will take an unexpected turn.

Six years after Valentín had discovered the meaning of life thanks to his daughter, Julie, Maggie's mother, abruptly comes in to the picture. Maggie was told that her parents were divorced, her mother traveling around the world on heroic missions to save the planet. Meanwhile, Julie, a former hippie spring breaker is now a lawyer at a major NY law firm: "Newman, Newman, Newman & Newman."
She shows up with one thing in mind: meeting her daughter. Valentín is faced with a conflict; introducing Maggie to her mother, who is not exactly the "Wonder Woman" he has described.

Unable to rid Maggie from the opportunity to meet her mother, Valentin decides to let Julie in to their lives. Unfortunately, Julie, who walks into Maggie's life with the sole purpose of wanting to meet her, inadvertently falls in love ​​with her and decides that she will take her back no matter what. But as he once fought to get rid of Maggie, Valentín fights with all his heart to prevent being separated from her, not knowing that what will eventually break them apart is not Julie, but destiny.

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