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Meet DESPICABLE ME’s New Latino Super Villain, ‘El Macho’

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Universal Pictures has released the first look at the first Latino super villain in a Hollywood film. Benjamin Bratt voices “El Macho” in DESPICABLE ME 2. Take a look at the big guy in tights.

Steve Carell’s Gru returns for more adventures with his newly adopted girls and the minions in DESPICABLE ME 2. A cast of new characters join the fun with “El Macho” being one of the new villains. Benjamin Bratt voices the husky super villain who looks like a guido with his big chain and dark goatee.

When DESPICABLE ME 2 opens July 3rd, Gru is recuited by the Anti-Villain League to help take down a powerful new super criminal.  Wonder who that can be?


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