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STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS New Movie Clip: Spock vs Volcano

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Spock is willing to sacrifice his life for the USS Enterprise in this first movie clip from STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.  And what’s up with Kirk, Sulu and Bones’ aquaman suits?

The crew of the USS Enterprises take the action to active volcanoes and oceans in the follow up to J.J. Abrams 2009 hit. In this STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS scene, Kirk and his team seems to be in some kind of watery environment while Spock is toast on active volcano. Kirk, Sulu, and Bones, in aquaman-looking suits, have come back from some watery exploration to find Spock unable to beam back to the ship.

As Spock settles with the idea of sacrificing his life, his friends aboard the USS Enterprise scramble to get him back.  All hope seems to be lost. When Spock refuses to try something that can help, the Vulcan sites Federation rules against their idea.  “If Spock were here and I was there, what would he do,” Kirk asks Bones.  Bones replies, “He’d let you die.”   How much do you want to make a bet, Captain Kirk goes against the rules as always.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS lands in movie theaters May 17, 2013.


STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS New Character Movie Poster

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