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THE HANGOVER PART III New Character Movie Posters and Trailer

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The Wolf Pack find themselves in Las Vegas once again, but this time it’s not for a bachelor party or wedding for THE HANGOVER PART III. Check out the new movie trailer and character movie posters.

THE HANGOVER PART III character movie posters promises the third film is “The Epic Finale to THE HANGOVER Trilogy."  The hilarious posters feature Zach Galifianakis’ Allen running away from a man in a pig face in one one-sheet while Ed Helms’ Stu holds on to a passed out Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) in a dramatic scene in another.  On Bradley Cooper’s character movie poster, Phil doesn’t need to go for funny with those good looks.

In the trailer, we finally get a glimpse of the new adventure for the foursome, which luckily doesn’t involve another wedding or bachelor party. The finale may forego the retracing of steps to find a missing member.  Instead Justin Bartha’s Doug is kidnapped when the group head out to Las Vegas to get help for Allen who went off the deep end after his father’s death.  Turns out Mr. Chow is once again causing trouble for the foursome when John Goodman comes after the troublemaker and his acquaintances.

THE HANGOVER PART III is in movie theaters May 24th.

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