IRON MAN 3 Blu-ray and DVD Review

iron-man-3-blu-ray-coverAfter watching Robert Downey Jr. in what may be his last stand alone movie as Iron Man, the new Blu-ray/DVD release of Iron Man 3 serves as a reminder that no other actor will be able to fill those iron shoes. The behind the scenes extras demonstrates the charisma Downey brings to the role in front and behind the cameras.  There’s some appeasement knowing he’ll return as part of the Avengers, but that may be the end of Tony Stark/Iron Man as we know him. Marvel co-president and Agent Carter director Louis D’Esposito told CineMovie there are no immediate plans for a fourth Iron Man in the next two years, but given the popularity of the character there is a strong chance they will revisit.  Watch Iron Man 3 Movie Clip

Now back to the home release of the third Iron Man movie, which was equally as good as the first one and more than made up for the second film, my least favorite.  Besides the highly enjoyable movie, the disc offers more fun in the extras.  

Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter
Hayley Atwell reprises her role as Peggy Carter from Captain America. Captain America/Steve Rogers’ love interest and secret agent is now working the desk at a spy agency after Captain America disappears post World War II.  Watch Marvel's One-Shot: Agent Carter Clip

Unhappy with her status as an analyst and working for a misogynist boss, she takes on mission and beats the hell out of a half dozen men. And just when its getting better, it ends. The end credits were equally as long as the short.

Now comes the news of a possible television series featuring the Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter heading up the newly formed S.H.I.E.LD.  The short serves as a good way of re-introducing the character and does wet our appetite for a Marvel property that features a woman in the lead.     

Behind-The-Scenes Look at Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World
Besides the commentary by Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth and director Alan Taylor, there’s really not much to the behind-the-scenes extra for the sequel. Much of the footage is a repeat of what we’ve seen in previous trailer versions.

Iron Man 3 Unmasked
Marvel takes the viewer behind the scenes in the making of 41 suits for the film. It’s a very informative featurette that offers a crash course into how Marvel works and how they come to the decision to do things.  It also features a how-to on created the flying suit pieces using motion capture techniques.

Deconstructing the Scene: Attack On Air Force One
This featurette is by far the best extra on the IRON MAN 3 home release. One of the most exhilarating scenes from the movie is Iron Man’s rescue of 14 people mid-air. This footage takes you behind how they accomplished it with actual people skyjumping and thousand of hours in post-production completing the sequence that leaves you saying “Wow!”

Gag Reel
You’ll fall in love even more with Robert Downey Jr.’s shenanigans behind the scenes. There are some funny bits with him and the cast especially when they are fumbling their lines which seemed to happen a lot it seems.

Deleted/Extended Scenes
This section proved a little boring with an extended scenes of Bill Maher and Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police crew which was not very funny. Deleted clips were nothing special either.

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