The Odd Influence of Casinos on Video Game Adaptations

Today, there are many movies based directly and indirectly on video games and gaming that have seen not just financial success, but also critical acceptance, if not outright acclaim. In traditional video games, this is new but, in other forms of gaming like with casino games, success through such combinations has existed for years. In this article, we want to take a look at why these crossovers exist, why video gaming crossovers have struggled, and what lessons they've learned from casino gaming to aid them along the way.

Why Gaming?

This general idea of crossing over is bound around one central and simple idea, that of drawing parallels in popularity. Gaming, in its many forms, has been a vital part of human development since we walked out of caves, and carrying some of this attention into another platform is an obvious way to drive interest.
For a long time, this has been possible through only traditional games, such as casino gaming. While there are some new roulette games, many of which are just as well-received as their traditional counterparts of American and European roulette, the core game is world-renowned. This base popularity is part of the reason why casinos, as a basis for movies, drive such appeal: we know them. Now, with video gaming achieving similar ubiquity, the focus is shifting.

Basic Concept of Games and Casino Games Provides Influence and Quality

The biggest modern examples of direct movie adaption of video game properties are those of Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu. The success that these filmed enjoyed was, unlike early crossover attempts, not born entirely from reliance on the base property. Instead, these told relatable spin-off stories that took those properties as their setting. You don't have to know Pokémon or Sonic to enjoy these films, and this is so far proving the new key to success.

This is the same formula on which casino films have operated for years. We know and accept the base rules and realities around casino games and betting, so we don’t need for films to be entirely based on the strict realities of how casinos operate. Instead, films like the Oceans series, Casino, and The Gambler lean on the setting and tell stories within this sphere. Relatability is the cornerstone here, not overindulgence.

Borrowing the foundation as set by casinos so long ago, it's more than a little surprising these lessons weren't learned sooner. Whatever the case for such dogmatic adherence to prior strictness, the trend is bucked, and so more decent video game movies should come along soon. Both Sonic and Detective Pikachu are scheduled for sequels, and we would expect many more somewhere down the line.

Inevitably, some of these new adaptions will miss the point entirely, but with the ceiling now raised, the combination finally shows promise. Whenever the new movies to hit, take some time to think about their place within the greater gaming world. It might seem unusual that casinos played a part in showing a path forward, but as an Italian plumber who makes his living kicking turtles can tell you, inspiration can come from the strangest places.

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