'Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers' Writers Dan Gregor Doug Mand Discuss Ugly Sonic & Other Famous Cartoons

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers and Ugly Sonic

Chip and Dale aren’t the only classic toons resurrected for Disney+’s CHIP 'N DALE: RESCUE RANGERS. A variety of iconic characters from Batman, E.T. Winnie the Pooh make cameos in bootleg fashion including the rejected Sonic the Hedgehog character design. Screenwriters Doug Mand and Dan Gregor discuss how they were able to include other studios’ animated characters.

CHIP 'N DALE: RESCUE RANGERS combines 2D drawn and CGI characters. The Disney+ movie premiering May 20 stars the voices of John Mulaney as Chip and Andy Samberg as Dale along with an impressive voice cast that includes Eric Bana, Keegan-Michael Key, Tim Robinson, Seth Rogen , J.K. Simmons and Kiki Layne in human form.

Kiki Layne Revs Up For 'The Old Guard' Sequel and Talks Acting with Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip and Dale along with Kiki Layne's detective character investigate the disappearance of classic toons in a bootleg ring. Aside from the chipmunk brothers, dozens of classic and modern animated characters make an appearance in the Disney+ movie including IPs from other studios.

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