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Ezra Miller's On-Screen Mom Maribel Verdu Says It was 'Instant Chemistry' with 'The Flash' Costar

 Maribel Verdu talks Ezra Miller chemistry

THE FLASH director Andy Muschietti went against type to cast Barry Allen's mother with award-winning Spanish actress Maribel Verdu (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, PAN'S LABYRINTH). She explains the director's reasonings for casting someone unlike the comic book character and how she immediately hit it off with Ezra Miller including a shared interest in music. 

Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton reprise their roles as Bruce Wayne/Batman with Sasha Calle making her debut as Kara aka Supergirl. Michael Shannon and Jeremy Irons also return to the DC world along with newcomers Ron Livingston and Kiersey Clemons

In THE FLASH, Barry Allen (Miller) uses his Speed Force to change the past to save his mother, but his actions create a world without metahumans. With help from his younger self and Keaton's Batman, Barry must save the world from Zod and revert the consequences of traveling back in time. 

THE FLASH is now in movie theaters 

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