'Los Espookys' New Season Update with Julio Torres and His Directorial Debut in Absurdist Comedy, 'Problemista'

Julio Torres new movie Problemista and Los Espookys

Los Espookys' Julio Torres pokes fun at the American immigration process through his new #movie, A24 's PROBLEMISTA which he wrote, directed, and stars. The former SNL writer also updates us on whether we can expect another season of the hilarious HBO comedy series, Los Espookys'.

 Torres writes, directs, and stars in A24's PROBLEMISTA, and costars with indie darling Tilda Swinton and Isabella Rossellini narrates the action. 

Alejandro (Torres), a Salvadoran immigrant on a work visa, needs a sponsor to keep him in New York City. The aspiring toy designer has big dreams, but the immigration process makes a mess of his life. With no other options, Alejandro convinces a neurotic art-world outcast (Tilda Swinton) to hire him to secure sponsorship.

PROBLEMISTA is now playing in select theaters nationwide. 

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