Luis Gerardo Mendez Talks 'Half Brothers' and Goat Poop

Luis Gerardo Mendez Stars in Half Brothers

Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Mendez executive produces his first Hollywood film with HALF BROTHERS costarring with Connor Del Rio. The two play half brothers and polar opposites who discover they share a father. The actors talk about working together in a tiny sweltering car, and their four-legged costar who left a few nuggets behind.

HALF BROTHERS is now playing in movie theaters.

Luis Gerardo Méndez ("Club de Cuervos") has transitioned as a Mexican actor to Hollywood starring in 2019's CHARLIE'S ANGEL'S reboot with Kristen Stewart, and a role with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's Netflix film, MURDER MYSTERY. Now he's the lead and producer of HALF BROTHERS, a comedy about a Mexican business man who meets his crazy American half-brother for a road trip to discover the truth behind their father's life.

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