Michael Chiklis, Mark Feuerstein, Danny Pino, Yul Vasquez and Executive Producers Revisit Infamous Hotel Mutiny for Setting in Hotel Cocaine

Hotel Cocaine stars Yul Vaszquez Danny Pino Michael Chiklis image

Hotel Mutiny was the Studio 54 of Miami where drugs flowed freely and the stomping ground for celebrities. The infamous club and hotel is the setting for MGM+''s new series, Hotel Cocaine. The stars and Narcos and Godfather of Harlem executive producers Chris Brancato and Guillermo Navarro reveal that not everything was fictionalized for the series and why it was the perfect setting of excessive luxury and wickedness for a drama. 

Danny Pino (Mayans M.C., Law & Order: SVU), Michael Chiklis (The Shield, Winning Time), Mark Feuerstein (Power, The Baby-Sitters Club), Yul Vazquez (Severance, Godfather of Harlem), Tania Watson (The Head), Corina Bradley (Star-Crossed Romance), and Laura Gordon (Late Night with the Devil). 

Hotel Cocaine premieres June 16.

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