Natasha Dupeyron Learns To Sing Bolero Style For New Comedy, 'Cuando Sea Joven'

natasha dupeyron cuando sea joven interview

Mexican actress Natasha Dupeyron stars in the comedy CUANDO SEA JOVEN as the young version of Mexican icon Veronica Castro. For her role, the actress and singer had to learn to sing bolero style. CineMovie chats about her experience on the film, and she recalls the time when she worked as a very young child with Talia in the novela, Maria la del Barrio

CUANDO SEA JOVEN is now playing in movie theaters. 

Movie Review: ‘Cuando Sea Joven’ 

Veronica Castro returns to the big screen under the production of Eugenio Derbez and Ben Odell's 3Pas Studios in Pantelion’s latest film CUANDO SEA JOVEN. The family feature film directed by Raúl Martínez (El Mesero) stars Castro alongside Natasha Dupeyrón (Señorita 89) and will premiere in more than 300 theaters in the United States on September 23rd and in Mexico on September 15th.

An adaptation of the Korean film Miss Granny, CUANDO SEA JOVEN tells the story of 70-year-old Malena (Verónica Castro), who gets a second chance at life when she magically becomes her 22-year-old self. This time, posing as "Maria" (Natasha Dupeyrón) to hide her true identity, she becomes the lead singer in her grandson's band trying to reclaim the dream of singing, the dream she once had to give up.

In addition to Veronica and Natasha, the star cast includes Michael Ronda, Eduardo Santamaria, Pierre Louis, and Alejandra Barros with a special performance by Edgar Vivar and special participation by Maribel Fernandez and Manuel "Flaco" Ibañez.

The film also features six songs that bring a modern electronic sound to some of the most famous and classic boleros, produced by Julio Reyes Copello, winner of several Grammys and Latin Grammys.

Cuando Sea Joven was written by Juan Carlos Garzón and Angélica Gudiño, based on the original story Miss Granny written and directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, creator of Squid Game, and Shin Dong-Ik, Hong Yun-Jeong, Dong Hee-Seon.

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