Ryan Gosling's Real Fall Guy and Stuntman Ben Jenkin Describes Being on Fire and Hit By a Car For Movie

Ryan Gosling's Stunt Double in The Fall Guy, Ben Jenkin interview

In THE FALL GUY, Ryan Gosling had four stunt doubles. Stuntman Ben Jenkin handled the scenes in which Gosling's stuntman Colt Severs was hit by a car and on fire multiple times for a movie within the movie. Jenkin takes us behind the scenes of his risky first-time stunts.

Directed by Brad Pitt's former stunt double David Leitch, THE FALL GUY celebrates the men behind the stunts, the stuntmen. Gosling plays Colt Severs (originally played by Lee Majors on the tv series), a washed-up stuntman and Emily Blunt's former boyfriend. When he's asked to return to fill in for a missing lead actor (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), he tries to win back his former flame, now the director of an action

THE FALL GUY is now in movie theaters. 

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