Sinead O'Connor 'Nothing Compares' Documentary Director Kathryn Ferguson Says 'She Was Ahead of Her TIme'

Sinead O'Connor Documentary Nothing Compares

Sinéad O'Connor was banished from the music world in the 90s for her vocal criticism of the Catholic Church especially after ripping up a photo of the Pope. It wasn't until 2002 that the Church was exposed for numerous sexual child abuse cases. In Kathryn Ferguson's new Showtime documentary, NOTHING COMPARES, the director focuses on that tumultuous time period between 1987 and 1993, framing the Irish singer through a feminist lens as a trailblazer.  The filmmaker explains why the documentary is not a biopic but an examination of what happens when someone speaks their truth. 

NOTHING COMPARES is now playing on Showtime and streaming on the cable channel's app. 


NOTHING COMPARES charts Sinéad OʼConnorʼs phenomenal rise to worldwide fame, and examines how she used her voice at the height of her stardom before her iconoclastic personality led to her exile from the pop mainstream. Focusing on Sinéad’s prophetic words and deeds from 1987 to 1993, the film presents an authored, richly cinematic portrait of this fearless trailblazer through a contemporary feminist lens. The archive-led documentary features era-defining music videos and concert performances alongside previously unseen footage from this period. The film is underpinned by a new interview with Sinéad herself, in which she reflects on events in her own words, and from a present-day perspective. Intimate first-hand contributor interviews add to the tapestry with additional insights from contemporary artists, musicians and social commentators introducing broader themes of Irish history, politics and global activism, all the while reflecting on Sinéad’s artistry, impact and legacy.

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