Sophia Bush and Michael Dorman Talk Dysfunctional Relationship in 'Hard Luck Love Song' Movie

Sophia Bush and Michael Dorman

Sophia Bush and Michael Dorman star in HARD LUCK LOVE SONG as former lovers who immediately realize why they weren't good for each other. The actors talk about the film which is based on the country song "Just Like Old Times by Americana singer/songwriter Todd Snider.

Roadside Attractions will release HARD LUCK LOVE SONG in theaters October 15th. Directed by writer/director Justin Corsbie in his award-winning feature film debut, HARD LUCK LOVE SONG follows Jessie (Dorman), a charismatic but down on his luck troubadour hustling pool in dive bars, living out of cheap motels and making bad decisions including calling up his old flame (Bush).

Described as a neo-noir western, HARD LUCK LOVE SONG also stars Dermot Mulroney, Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts and hip-hop icon RZA.  

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