Adria Arjano Talks Strong Female Role in 'Pacific Rim: Uprising'

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Actress Adria Arjona makes the leap from television (EMERALD CITY) to the big screen in THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, currently playing in movie theaters, and she’s currently shooting the PACIFIC RIM sequel, UPRISING to be released February 28, 2017. The actress is new on the Hollywood scene, but the Latina is already making waves and playing strong female leads in all three projects. While others have been sworn to secrecy surrounding PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING, Arjona gives CineMovie the scoop on who she plays and why she won’t settle for just being the love interest.

While promoting THE BELKO EXPERIMENT in Los Angeles, the daughter of Latin American singer Ricardo Arjona, spilled the tea on her role in the PACIFIC RIM sequel. The ax-wielding leading lady of THE BELKO EXPERIMENT tells CineMovie she’S lucky to be playing another strong-willed woman in the Guillero del Toro follow-up as a mechanic for the Jaegers. She’s starring with John Boyega (STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS), Scott Eastwood and Charlie Day reprising his role. She hinted at the fact that she may be in the middle of a love triangle, but foremost she’s playing a tough cookie under the hood of the Jaegars. Listen to the interview below.

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Look out for Puerto Rican-born Latina to be a break out star. THE BELKO EXPERIMENT writer/producer James Gunn (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movies) calls his leading lady “one of the best actresses” he’s worked with and he’s looking forward to finding a project for them to work on in the future.

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