Are the OUIJA Stars Believers of the Spirit Board & What They Found on YouTube Videos


OUIJA actors Olivia Cooke ("Bates Motel"), Daren Kagasoff ("The Secret Life of an American Teenager") and Shelley Hennig ("Teen Wolf") are talking to CineMovie about their spooky new horror movie, and whether they believe in summoning the spirit world through the board.

CineMovie visited with the stars of the OUIJA movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, CA for an interview among the dead, literally. The spook evening setting didn't seem to scare the young stars of the new horror movie as they talked about communication with ghosts through the spiritual board known as the Ouija board. British actress Olivia Cooke admits she's skeptical about the whole thing while her co-stars wouldn't want to mess with it regardless if it was real or not.  Shelley Hennig best known for her role of Malia on MTV's "Teen Wolf" says she researched the role with YouTube videos. After watching a few creepy videos, she found herself believing it might be a real thing. 

OUIJA is now playing in movie theaters.


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