BIG HERO 6's Damon Wayans Jr. Jamie Chung, Genesis Rodriguez and Co-stars on Building a Personal Robot

Damon Wayans Jr., Jamie Chung, Genesis Rodriguez BIG HERO 6 interview

BIG HERO 6 stars Genesis Rodriguez, Marlon Wayan Jr., Jamie ChungRyan Potter and Daniel Henney play science geniuses in Disney's new animated movie, so CineMovie wants to know what kind of robot the actors3 would build if they were robotic geniuses in real life.

In BIG HERO 6, Hiro’s brother creates Baymax, a healthcare companion robot that helps people with their healthcare needs. The stars of the Disney animated movie take it one step further with Baymax with two of the actors adding a cooking function to the cutting-edge robot while Marlon Wayans Jr. would build a robot that would laugh at all this jokes. We’re sure he can find a human in Hollywood that could serve that function.

Watch the video interview for more fun with the stars of Baymax 6.  

BIG HERO 6 opens November 7.



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