Hilarious Interview: Harrison Ford Talks Acting Opposite A Human Playing A Dog

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Harrison Ford stars opposite a dog in CALL OF THE WILD but on set, he acted with another actor pretending to be a dog. The actor jokes with CineMovie about playing pretend, and some other behind the scenes fun. Listen to the interview below. 

Harrison Ford's costar in CALL OF THE WILD is a dog named Buck in the movie adaptation of Jackon London's adventure tale, CALL OF THE WILD. The Buck character, however, is a total CGI character. On set, a human stood in for Buck so star Harrison Ford could have an acting partner. In our sit down with the iconic actor, he explains how a former Cirque de Soleil performer was on all fours pretending to be man's best friend. 

CALL OF THE WILD is in movie theaters February 21. 

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