James Wan on Making Next FAST AND FURIOUS Sequel


Horror film director James Wan ("Saw," "The Conjuring") transitions into the action genre by taking over the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise. CineMovie gets the scoop on the status of the seventh film in the franchise.

Director Justin Lin is giving up the driver seat after directing four of the FAST AND FURIOUS movies to James Wan who has become the go-to-guy for horror films with hits such as The Conjuring, Saw and Insidious.  We sat down with director James Wan for his latest hit The Conjuring, and of course, the subject came up when discussing storyboarding his films. Wan doesn’t like storyboarding for his horror films, but for an action film, he has to storyboard everything.

Currently in pre-production on FAST AND FURIOUS 7, Wan has long been a fan of action films and the franchise starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez that he’s excited to take over but he admits its been a long road to breaking out of the low budget world. He admits coming to Hollywood with the hopes of directing action films, but his success in the low budget horror genre delayed his transition. He’s excited and “relishes” the idea of finally having the chance to hit the ground running or racing in this case.

In regards to applying some of the elements of horror to the seventh film in the series, he’s certainly not bringing the element of scare but certainly the tension and suspense in the dramatic and action scenes.

FAST AND FURIOUS 7 won’t be in theaters until 2014.



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