John Leguizamo Talks Struggles As An Actor, Next 'Ice Age' Movie and New One Man Show

John Leguizamo voices Ice Age character Sid

John Leguizamo returns as the voice of Sid the sloth in ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE, the fifth film in the animated series, and CineMovie is talking to the star about his career, the next ICE AGE movie, why he should be more like Sid and his new one-man show, "Latin History for Morons."

John Leguizamo has been voicing the character of Sid in the ICE AGE movies for over 15 years, and the Queens native can see himself going longer. The actor tells us Blue Sky, the production company is already working on a sixth film in the series. He points out the ICE AGE franchise is the only animated film to go beyond a trilogy, and he hopes to soon catch up to the FAST & FURIOUS franchise. 

John Leguizamo has been acting since the 80s, and the veteran actor tells CineMovie Hollywood still does not understand Latinos are much more than what they portray them as on the big screen. His co-star Benjamin Bratt in THE INFILTRATOR had the same sentiment when we sat down with him.

However, John Leguizamo doesn't wait for Hollywood to come calling, and he continues with his one-man stage shows (Freak, Ghetto Klown) and his next show centers on re-writing history from the Latino perspective in "Latin History for Morons." During our interview, Leguizamo expressed his concern over why Latinos are constantly left out of the picture in historical set dramas. In our interview, he says Latinos have made contributions throughout history which will be the subject of his show. 

At the movies, John Leguizamo can be seen in THE INFILTRATOR starring Bryan Cranston and ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE out in movie theaters July 23. 

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