'Lights Out' Star Teresa Palmer Didn’t Want Character To Come Off As Promiscuous

Teresa Palmer and Alexander DiPersia Lights Out

Teresa Palmer has commitment issues as Rebecca in LIGHTS OUT, a new horror film produced by James Wan (THE CONJURING, INSIDIOUS) and directed by David F. Sandberg in his feature film directorial debut, but its not because she’s a floozy. Palmer wanted to make that clear with a single line of dialogue she suggested to the writers for a pivotal scene in which the audience is first introduced to Rebecca. Palmer tells CineMovie why she thought it was important to make the distinction. Listen to the interview below.

In LIGHTS OUT, Rebecca returns to her mother’s home to help her little brother who’s in fear of their mother’s (Maria Bellow) strange behavior, and a haunting dark figure that accompanies her.

In LIGHTS OUT, we first meet Rebecca after having sex with Bret played by Alexander DiPersia, and as usual she doesn’t want him to spend the night. The reasons are not clear, but Rebecca doesn’t want to commit to the relationship although they’ve been dating for months. While she fears commitment, she does make it clear to Bret, who’s obviously in love with her, that she’s been exclusive with him. Screenwriter Eric Heisserer and producer Lawrence Grey revealed the line that she’s exclusive was Teresa Palmer’s idea. She was concerned the audience might take that in the wrong way, which is why she suggested the idea. After all, we know what happens to promiscuous women in horror movies!  Listen to her discuss the addition of the line below.

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