'Maleficent's' Sam Riley Interview: Awkward Moments with the Brit


CineMovie made Sam Riley blush during our interview with the MALEFICENT star with a question that quickly went South for the reserved British actor.

Kelly Blanco sat down with Sam Riley in Miami who plays Maleficent's side kick Diaval, a raven she makes human as well as any animal she desires. So we wondered if he could be any animal, what would he choose?  The British actor says his dog has a pretty good life sitting around licking himself all day. Of course dirty minds kicked in quick and Kelly and Sam knew they had gone down the R-rated road.  Both blushed, Sam started sweating as soon as it became awkward for the reserved actor, but it was fun.

Watch the video for that hilarious moment as well as his compliment about American reporters being much nicer and "better looking" than the British press.

MALEFICENT is now playing in movie theaters.

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