MILLION DOLLAR ARM Stars Talk Jon Hamm & Baseball

Million Dollar Arm interview

Actors Madhur Mittal of "Slumdog Millionaire" and Suraj Sharma from "Life of Pi" got a taste of the Hollywood limelight when they both came to Hollywood with award-winning fillms by A-list filmmakers. Now they're starring in MILLION DOLLAR ARM with Jon Hamm, and the Indian actors are telling CineMovie how they used their own fish out of water experience in Hollywood for this true story.

Like their characters Dinesh and Rinku, Surah Sharma and Madhur Mittal knew nothing about baseball let alone throwing a fastball. Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel in real life were discovered by sports agent JB Bernstein in India when the American staged a reality show "Million Dollar Arm" to find the next great pitchers for Major League Baseball. Rinku and Dinesh came to America with Bernstein to train and tryout for the League.

The Disney film follows the fish out of water story of these two young boys coming to America and experiencing many things first hand including being out of their element. Surah Sharma and Madhur Mittal can relate to that experience when they were thrust into the limelight after each starred in Oscar-winning films that brought them to the United States. 

CineMovie sat down with Surah Sharma and Madhur Mittal in Los Angeles who explain how they used their personal experience and applied it to their characters. They're also talking about working with the very funny Jon Hamm and director Craig Gillespie who made the set a fun environment to work in.

MILLION DOLLAR ARM opens May 16, 2014.


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