OUIJA Stars Warned Not To Make The Movie About the Spirit Board


The Latina actresses from the new movie OUIJA were cautioned by their mothers and awelitas (grandmothers) not to mess with the spirit world. We're sitting down with Bianca Soto and Ana Coto who talk about the supernatural and the day a real ghost visited the set.

Based on the talking board used to summon the spirit world, the Ouija board is the basis for a new horror movie starring Bates Motel's Olivia Cooke, Bianca Santos and Ana Coto. CineMovie sat down with the Latina actresses from the movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood to discuss their new horror movie and why their awelitas and mothers warned them not to make the movie since it might open doors to the supernatural. As Latinos, we know not to mess with that realm.

The young ladies also reveal the day on set they really got spooked when a strange sound came from the attic. Luckily they came out unscathed. OUIJA opens October 24.


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