Interview: 'Shine' Movie Tells Story Of Spanish Harlem Gentrification Through Salsa

SHINE, the all Latino cast arrives in 600 movie theaters this weekend. It is one of the fastest funded KICKSTARTER for a Latino film. CineMovie sat down with stars Gilbert Saldivar, Jadi Collado and choreographer Lyrik Cruz to talk about the use of salsa dancing to tell a story of family drama affected by gentrification in Spanish Harlem.

Directed by first-time feature filmmaker Anthony Nardolillo, salsa brings a community together in the face of tragedy and gentrification. Two Puerto Rican-American brothers who's hopes, dreams and struggles with love and loss land them on opposing sides of the gentrification line when a big outside developer vies to buyout their block in Spanish Harlem, which includes their late father's dance studio where they first discovered their lifelong passion for the steps and sounds of Salsa.

David Zayas Talks Kickstarter Movie 'Shine' and Honoring Spanish Harlem

Starring David Zayas and world renowned dancers Jorge Burgos and Gilbert Saldivar. It is one of the fastest funded KICKSTARTER for a Latino film. The film is about community, shot in the community, and even funded by the community. It not only reminds of our heritage, but reminds us why its important and how gentrification is an important topic. SHINE comes to select theaters nationwide on October 5.

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