'Superfly's' Director X and Trevor Jackson On What's Modern In Reboot

Superfly Trevor Jackson Jason Mitchell Director X at LA Press Conference

Money, drugs and action!

If I could describe this film in one word, it would indeed be Superfly.

Originally based on the 1972 film, viewers will find a much hipper version with fresh faces that are a great addition to the big screen. If you’re expecting it to be exactly like the last, think again.

"Grown-ish" star, Trevor Jackson, plays the main character, Priest, and STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON actor, Jason Mitchell plays Eddie. Two up and coming stars work as a great team in SUPERFLY.

Not only does the film include your not-so-typical faces, but the film is directed by your not-so-typical director, Director X. He’s directed music videos for artists like Drake and Rihanna. If there’s one thing people can expect by knowing just that, it would be the amount of cool this movie has to offer.

“We go places the original doesn’t go. We introduce characters the original doesn’t have, but the spirit behind why those people and why those characters happen still are born from the original movie,” says Director X.

Priest is a well known drug dealer in the heart of Atlanta who wants out the drug dealing game. But before he can take that route he has to figure out a scheme that will allow him to do so.

Superfly Trevor Jackson Jason Mitchell

“It’s very much based on the original Superfly, all those characters, the major story parts are still there but once we laid down that foundation it gave us the freedom to go onto new places. So you get this new story but at the same time it’s very much the same one you know,” he says.

Rather than taking it back to Harlem, the new setting in this film is Atlanta and it could not be anymore perfect. It aligns with where the hip hop culture stands today. Not only is it relatable, but it’s also believable.

“It works for where we are as a culture. Back then if you’re a big artist in New York City then you’re a big artist around the world. But now, if you’re a big artist in Atlanta, you’re a big artist around the world,” says the director.

Getting out of the drug dealing game won’t be easy but Priest makes it look like a piece of cake. His character is quietly confident, yet humble. He has a plan and won’t quit. It doesn’t matter what it takes, how long it takes, because in his head things will turn out. His actions will have you at the edge of your seat.

When we asked Jackson how his involvement in the movie has had an affect on him, he couldn’t help but smile. Not only was this such a big role for him, but this film takes him back to his childhood as he explained this was a film his father made him watch.

“It’s a dream come true. I get to work with legendary people and I watched the movie when I was little,” says Jackson.

Superfly hits theaters June 13.

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