THE PIRATE FAIRY's Carlos Ponce On His Hidden Talent & Playing a Pirate

Along with Tom Hiddleston (Marvel's Thor, The Avengers) Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Lucy Liu (Elementary, Kill Bill), Carlos Ponce joins Captain Hooks crew in THE PIRATE FAIRY as the pirate named Bonito. Unlike the Latino actor, singer and novela star, Bonito is a burly man who likes to sing, dance and sew. Carlos tells CineMovie's Sue Evelyn Gil that the his baritone voice was perfect for Bonito, put the singing proved a challenge since he usually sings higher notes rather than low and deep.

Carlos Ponce is also revealing he's handy with a sewing kit and he used to sew his own pants early on in his career, but he has since stopped tailoring his own clothes.  Watch our video interview with THE PIRATE FAIRY star for more juicy details about the movie and his personal Disney favorites.

THE PIRATE FAIRY sails onto Blu-ray and DVD April 1, 2014. 

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