Watch Esai Morales and Shalim Ortiz in New MAGIC CITY Movie Clip

The Evans family return for a second season of Starz’ MAGIC CITY with a new cast that includes singer turned actor Shalim Ortiz and veteran Latino actor Esai Morales. Watch a clip from the series premiering June 14th.

The period drama centering on the Miami mobsters of the late 1950s stars Jeffrey Dean, Olga Kurylenko, and Danny Huston.  Esai Morales joins the cast as Carlos El Tiburon” Ruiz, a Cuban exile while Shalim, son of Spanish television personality Charytin, plays a Cuban sugar heir, Antonio Rivas, who falls for Mercedes (Dominik Garcia-Lorido). Also joining the second season of MAGIC CITY is Yul Vasquez (American Gangster, The A-Team) as Mercedes father.

More about MAGIC CITY
Set in Miami Beach 1959, MAGIC CITY, provides the sultry backdrop for the riveting tale of the city’s emergence as an international destination for celebrities, politicians and America's most notorious gangsters. As Miami reels from the aftershocks of political unrest in Cuba, the Miramar suddenly finds itself the new home for armed Cuban exiles longing for home and a den of intrigue between the CIA and Miami’s own ambitious State's Attorney. Gangsters flushed from their cash-rich Havana casinos look to find a new revenue stream on the sunny beaches of Florida. Ike Evans will use the turbulence in the "Magic City" to his own ends -- risking his friendships, his family and his own life.

Season two counts with the return of the entire Evans family including Jeffrey Dean as Ike, Olga Kurylenko as Vera and Steven Strait as Stevie along with their threats and allies such as Ben Diamond as Danny Huston and Matt Ross and Dade county’s DA Agent, Jack Klein.  Furthermore, we are introduced to new characters such as Shalim Ortiz’s, the Cuban sugar heir, Antonio Rivas, who falls in love with Mercedes Lazaro (Dominik García-Lorido), daughter of Victor Lazaro (Yul Vazquez) who operates out of the Miramar Playa, assembling an army against Castro and Esai Morales as Carlos “El Tiburon” Ruiz, a Cuban exile.

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