2015 Reboots Hits and Misses

Tom Cruise will definitely be returning as Ethan Hunt in the sixth Mission Impossible after Rogue Nation was a critical and fan favorite in 2015, along with scene stealer Rebecca Ferguson. Chris Pratt will also reprise his role in a Jurassic World follow-up which will be hard to top after the gangbusters business it did at the box office last year. George Miller has already promised us another visit to the desert for another Mad Max adventure, this time without Charlize Theron's Furiousa. Perhaps Tom Hardy will shine in the sequel to Fury Road. The Disney and Lucasfilm folks must have predicted ther Star Wars reboot would amass huge numbers since they planned out 10 years worth of sequels and origin stories prior to it's release.

Those who may not be returning includes Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator after Terminator Genisys bombed domestically. The future is not clear with reports stating that Skydance, the production company behind the reprisal, will move forward with the planned trilogy since the film performed well internationally. 

The biggest disaster story of 2015 was the Fantastic Four reboot starring Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara with bad word of mouth killing the film even before the release along with a public feud between director Josh Trank and the film's producers.

Audiences were also not ready for another Peter Pan reboot even with Hugh Jackman starring in Pan. Action flick reboots were also rejected with Agent 47, Point Break and Transporter Refueled failing to revive any life into older properties. 


Hits Misses
Jurassic World Fantastic Four
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Terminator Genisys
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Poltergeist
Mad Max: Fury Road Pan
  Agent 47
  Point Break
  Transporter Refueled

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