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The Impressive 'Knives Out 2' Cast So Far

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Daniel Craig Knives Out movie 

Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist, LOVE AND MONSTERS) is the latest actor to join Rian Johnson's KNIVES OUT sequel for Netflix. The actress joins returning star Daniel Craig along with a few other recognizable names. See the cast list so far. 

While the plot remains under wraps, no doubt the story will follow private Detective Benoit Blanc (Craig) as he sets out to investigate another mysterious murder.  The sequel to the 2019 whodunit film will not be set within the family environment given the diversity of the group so far. 

Johnson also announced he's already writing a third KNIVES OUT movie even before the second one is in the can. Production will begin shortly in Greece with the following actors:

Update: Ethan Hawke and Jada Pinkett Smith have joined the growing list. 

Dave Bautista

Kathryn Hahn

Edward Norton 

Kate Hudson

Leslie Odom Jr. 

Janelle Monae  

Madelyn Cline 

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