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Willem Dafoe Receives A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Willem Dafoe Walk of Fame star with Pedro Pascal and Patricia Arquette

Actor Willem Dafoe is a Hollywood gem who has achieved success in both blockbuster films (SPIDER-MAN movies) and critically-acclaimed films, so, surprisingly, the actor is just receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pedro Pascal, Patricia Arquette, Mark Ruffalo, Wim Wenders and Guillermo del Toro. Watch the ceremony and Pascal and Arquette sing about their friend's achievements and personal connection. 

Dafoe's film roster is over 100 movies with an eclectic range. The PLATOON and THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST is currently starring in POOR THINGS with Emma Stone, in Wes Anderson's ASTEROID CITY and voices an animated character in THE BOY OF HERON. The Hollywood Creative Alliance awarded the actor's work with the Excellence in Artistry Award last weekend at the ASTRA Film Awards.

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