Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Screening Ticket Winners

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice 

CineMovie gave away tickets to an advance movie screening of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN ON JUSTICE in 10 cities across the United States. These 20 lucky winners will be seeing the film starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons and Holly Hunter on Tuesday, March 22 at 7:30pm with guaranteed seating.

Over 3000 fans entered CineMovie's BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN ON JUSTICE Screening Ticket Giveaway, and the winners were randomly chosen. Congratulations to these winners in the following cities.


Alejandra V.

Rocio M.


Anthony G. of Dallas
Jose  G. of Dallas

El Paso
Lorenzo R.
Andrea F.

Luis  R.
Tina L.

Los Angeles
Sylvia H.
Joshua  V.

Ana C.
Dean R.

New York City
Herminio H.
Jason  G.

Cindy P.
Chris O.

San Diego
Aaron F.
Christopher C.

San Jose
Alan  D.
Peter L.

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