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Jack Black's 'Goosebumps' Virtual Reality Car Ride

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Jack Black Goosebumps Virtual Car Ride

CineMovie took a virtual reality ride with Jack Black’s character in GOOSEBUMPS in an immersive motion by D-BOX. With our virtual reality goggles, we climbed into a D-BOX immersive motion-activated chair to experience being inside a scene from the movie.

As R.L. Stein, Jack Black takes us through town as we escape one of his creations, the Praying Mantis, lets loose on the town, chasing our car.  The virtual reality ride takes us inside the movie with directives from Stine. The motion of the D-BOX is synced to the action so we’re experiencing the fast stops and erratic driving.

Watch our fun ride in the D-Box.  GOOSEBUMPS is currently showing in movie theaters.

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