'I am Groot' Review: Adorable Fun with the Little Guardian of the Galaxy

i am groot disney plus shorts

For those obsessed with Baby Groot’s cuteness, I am Groot, Disney+’s 5 original shorts is the ticket to more of the lovable Guardian of the Galaxy along with some great animation and some samba dancing.

The mischievous toddler finds trouble out of boredom in and out of the Benatar ship in this collection of shorts. Right off the bat, Groot plays a trick on the audience during the Marvel opening sequence.

Vin Diesel returns to voice the little tree which makes absolutely zero sense since the CGI character is a child and rarely speaks. Bradley Cooper also returns to voice Rocket Raccoon for one of the skits.

i am groot disney plus shorts movie review 2

The innocent fun is adorable to watch with Groot’s usual squeaks, sounds and his catchphrase, “I am Groot.” "Groot Takes A Bath" is the most hilarious when the guardian of the galaxy takes different shapes, followed by "Groot's Pursuit" which has the little guy dancing to some samba. The three other shorts are just as hilarious, and children will be entertained with the very short programming. Adults will also get a giggle out of the new Disney+ shorts.

The animation looks as if it's live-action, and it's just beautiful to look at with a beautiful palette of colors.

Usually, when a live-action property is adapted into animated form, the characters don’t quite resemble the live version. However given that Groot is a CGI character in the MCU, the transition to animation is flawless.

Written and directed by Kirsten Lepore, the I Am Groot Disney+ shorts are just simply adorable and will put a smile on your face regardless of age.

All episodes of I am Groot are now streaming on Disney+.

i am groot disney plus shorts movie review

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