‘Dear David’ Review: An Absurd Horror Movie

 Dear David 2023 movie review on CineMovie

Inspired by a true story, DEAR DAVID’s premise is illogical and neither functions as a horror movie nor a psychological thriller.

Based on a Twitter thread by BuzzFeed comic artist Adam Ellis, DEAR DAVID centers around Adam (Augustus Prew) who believes he’s being haunted by a viral ghost named David after trolling one of his followers. He’s haunted by David during his nightly sleep paralysis. He documents his experience through viral threads for Buzzfeed.

The idea that a ghost in the machine kills Internet trolls is an absurd plot. Thousands would be dead. The setup just doesn't make sense.

Aside from Justin Long, the actors are newcomers. Unfortunately for them, the characters are bland.

Adding to the issues with DEAR DAVID is Adam, a narcissistic character, who is not relatable. First, he replies back to one of his haters and suggests he kill himself. Then when his boyfriend travels to care for his mother, Adam has no interest in checking on her well-being or contact with him. This self-absorbed character also dismisses his friends when they attempt to help him when he starts to lose his mind.

There’s a lack of escalation, and the film seems stuck in repeating the same gimmick. It then falls into a paint-by-numbers ending. The ending is just nonsense. The revelations are ridiculous and fail to make any sense.

DEAR DAVID has zero merit as a horror movie. It also doesn’t work as a psychological thriller with a character you could care less about. Luckily DEAR DAVID clocks in at 94 minutes but feels like a two-hour movie.

Dear David, don't come after me for the bad review. DEAR DAVID is now in theaters, On Demand and Digital.

Starring Augustus Prew, Andrea Bang, Rene Escobar Jr., Cameron Nicoll, Justin Long

Directed by John McPhail

Screenplay by: Mike Van Waes

Story by: Mike Van Waes & Evan Turner

Run Time: 94 minutes

Rating: Rated R for violent content, language and a sexual reference.

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