'The Flash' Movie Review: The Best DC Film This Decade

The Flash movie 2023 Michael Keaton as Batman and Ezra Miller

THE FLASH director Andy Muschietti delivers a grounded film filled with nostalgia and throwbacks to previous films. THE FLASH is the most satisfying film to date from the DCEU in the past decade. The movie will do bonkers business with repeat viewings.

Barry (Ezra Miller) uses his super speed to change the past, but saving his mother creates a world without metahumans that threatens the end of the world and his future.  Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton and Michael Shannon reprise their roles along with Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Ron Livingston as Henry Allen and Spanish actress Maribel Verdu as Nora Allen. 


THE FLASH has humor, action, and heart. That’s what sets it apart from previous DC films. WONDER WOMAN had that as well, but Barry Allen’s (Ezra Miller) story hits more on a personal level than any film prior. Barry’s dilemma is a human one, and you can’t fault the character for breaking the rules to save his mother and father. Barry’s love for his mother and father is a constant throughout the movie, and the story relies less on the big, bad wolf coming to destroy the world. That’s what is so refreshing about THE FLASH.


Ezra Miller pulls double duty as Barry from the present and the past. Miller plays both Barry’s in distinct ways that make you forget it’s the same after playing both parts. It’s a noteworthy performance that could lead to acting nominations if it weren’t for his troubled personal life and troubles.


It’s the best of both worlds when you get two Batmans in one movie. Michael Keaton returns as the Dark Knight, and hearing the Danny Elfman score over his scenes inspires goosebumps. The imagery that harkens back to the Tim Burton movies is breathtaking and artistic.

Ben Affleck also gets his last hoorah as the caped crusader which will satisfy fans who were campaigning for the actor to reprise the character.

THE FLASH closes the chapter on both Batmans in a satisfying way.


Sasha Calle is perfect as Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El. She’s a no-nonsense character here to do one thing - find her cousin. Luckily she’s not referred to by the silly nickname of Supergirl but Kara - although younger Barry does so in one instance.

While most superhero films rely heavily on comics, THE FLASH’s nostalgia is based on the knowledge of previous interactions in DC films from the first cinematic Batman to the present line-up of characters, and even further back. That’s the beauty of the multiverse when you can introduce other versions of characters.

That’s a smart move by the director and writer Christina Hodson. Comic book fans are a niche audience so you get a wider base when you reference previous television and cinematic iterations of DC comic book characters.


Andy Muschietti understands what fans want from a superhero movie. He provides it all in THE FLASH that leaves the audience cheering at the end.

Hopefully won’t see the last of Muschietti in the next phase at DC Studios under James Gunn and Peter Safran’s leadership.

Review: The Flash movie 2023 starring Ezra Miller


Muschietti levels up Flash’s powers with eye-popping imagery during Barry’s Speed Force movements with a cool-looking new suit that harnesses the energy.

The CGI is often questionable during some of the action scenes, but the performances and emotions overpower those lackluster effects.


There are many revelations throughout THE FLASH, but the final scene in THE FLASH is a doozy. It’s unexpected and jaw-dropping. See the movie right away on opening weekend, because this is something that can’t be kept secret once the public sees it.

There is a funny post-credit scene, but it is uneventful to the future of DC films.

THE FLASH speeds into movie theaters on July 16.


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